Hammill Consulting was born in 1961 in Novato, CA when Syd Hammill began doing his brother Mahlon's accounting for a fee of $40 a month. Over time, Syd's business expanded to primarily East Bay clients.  

He later moved his office into Oakland and unwittingly became part of California history by renting office space in the same building as the Black Panther Party. This makes for a good story, but the Party's stay there was short lived.    

For years, Syd's son Glenn claimed that he would never become an accountant.  As a business student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Glenn became intrigued with his accounting course, and began peppering his father with questions while on break from his classes.  Glenn eventually ate his words and officially declared accounting as his business concentration.  Straight out of college, Glenn took a position with Ernst and Whinney, now known as Ernst & Young. In 1992, Glenn starting working part-time with Syd while he worked at another CPA firm and the "family business" was born.  This part-time position soon became a full-time position as the business grew.  In 1995, the new digs were opened in Walnut Creek. 

Glenn went on to obtain his Masters of Science in Taxation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  Syd retired, and Glenn runs Hammill Consulting along with a fantastic team of five other professionals. While continuing to focus on privately owned businesses and their owners, with Glenn's aptitude for financial planning and consulting, Hammill Consulting has also expanded into the field of consulting for individual trusts and estates. 

Glenn Hammill

Glenn Hammill